Struggling? Want to share the journey of pain and resilience with others?

Having been through AA meetings that helped with her recovery, Holly, an empowered leader from underresourced communities, warmly expands this space of social support to All People who face any struggles in life, who comprise pretty much - yes - everyone. Born the SS or Struggles Synonymous Meeting, a unique AA-based (12 steps) and beyond meeting that emphasizes how people from different walks of life bring stories of struggles that are unique yet similar, connecting us all as one. No struggle is better or worse than anyother. With the infusion of honesty, confidentiality, inspiration, passion, and creativity, this meeting touches on many aspects of our being that seek enrichment and connection. We welcome members of the community to join us in this journey of acceptance, recovery, thriving, and weaving of connections to ourselves and others. Join us in this heartfelt meeting of inspirational individuals from various community spaces, starting June 25th and happening every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, 6-7 PM ET, online (Zoom).

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