Past Projects & Events

The RootsWell Project, 2020

The RootSwell Project is the grounding of Amaya Tala's community work into the connection of all aspects of community restoration and the core roots of humanity. This project featured the strengths of people in marginal living and other community members from various backgrounds. Everyone united to support one another especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Journey Highlights

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The Love Currency Embassy is anywhere where love resides. Our sacred circle ceremony aims to restore our inner and collective wellness so we can shine our light to the world together in the highest frequency of Love. This ceremony is rooted in indigenous wisdom that carry the highest wisdom of Mother Earth and the Universe. In this ceremony, people walk through a process called the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process (ICCP) where people cross the bridge from a destructive way of thinking, being, and living to a life-affirming way of life. Translated by indigenous wisdom keeper, Patricia Anne Davis, from her Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh tribe indigenous principles, the ICCP is all-inclusive and cross-cultural that can be applied to any domain, based on the eternal truth that we are all indigenous to this planet.


Through synchronistic events, Grandmother Patricia connected with her apprentice, Amaya Tala, who is now co-facilitating this ceremony with her. Amaya Tala is an indigenous-based and sustainability life coach & nurturer, hailing from the islands of the Philippines. She is on a journey to reconnect with her roots and seek healing from the colonization of her mother land. Together, they are launching the wave of love healing to all four directions so people can experience the true beauty and nature of a loving reality.


Amaya Tala

Indigenous-Based & Sustainablility Life Coach & Nurturer

Co-Facilitator & Apprentice

Learn more about Grandmother Patricia 

Support our Indigenous Wisdom Keeper so she can continue to offer this wisdom to the public, Paypal,

Support our Indigenous Wisdom Keeper so she can continue to offer this wisdom to the public, go to this link or send your donations through Paypal,

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Patricia Anne Davis

A Choctaw-Navajo & Chahta-Dineh Indigenous Wisdom Keeper


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Diversity Day, 2019

Amaya Tala (Nina Magpili-Smith at that time) was invited as a guest speaker at the U.S. Coast Guard Financial Center on May 15th, 2019 to honor the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Diversity Day.

The Summit, 2019

Elena Dajero, a senior at Tallwood Virginia Beach Public Highschool hosted The Summit Workshop based on the Kapwa Workshop organized by Amaya Tala (Nina Magpili-Smith at that time) the year before. Amaya Tala served as a consultant and mentor for this project.

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Read Amala's Reflections on The Summit here.

The Kapwa Workshop, 2018

The very first widely mobilized community project that Amaya Tala organized. Funded by The Pollination Project, the Kapwa Workshop weaved Filipino indigenous culture in which the core value is Kapwa, the shared inner self, into the present and future to help empower the youth in their lives by knowing their roots and how it relates to who they are.

The Kapwa Workshop

Community Impact Report

The Cultural Tree Workshop, 2017

The Cultural Tree Workshop was held at one of the events of the Philipine-American Club of Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States to educate the youth about their indigenous Filipino roots. This project was featured by The Pollination Project.

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