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Amaya Tala (Nina Magpili-Smith)

Amaya Tala is a community nurturer who is passionate about addressing the individual, relational, societal, and environmental root aspects of societal change, renewal, and humaneness, and bringing out the beauty and strength in our nature within that are in rhythm and in harmony with Mother Earth and the Universal natural order. She is a bridge between the modern society and the natural order through facilitating the embodiment and experience of indigenous wisdom. She facilitates the cultivation of Empathic Coalitions at the Love Currency Embassy under the mentorship of Grandmother Patricia Anne Davis that merged paths with The RootsWell Project she led in 2020. She also discerningly uses additional knowledge from her Ph.D. in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, with concentration on team building and systems of systems thinking, and skills as a Certified Life Coach. She also uses her natural wisdom and gifts as a child of the Creator, spiritual wisdom-carrier of her ancestral lineage, and a student of life, spirit, nature, and fellow humane beings.

Holly McCoy

Holly McCoy is a soul-centered dancer, artist, fashionista & peer supporter from underresourced communities who lovingly uses her intense life experiences to build community, support, and enrich others with care, rhythm, beauty, & art. Her journey as a single mom of three of breaking free from the grasp of systemic strains, including her journey towards sobriety, moving from a homeless shelter, and healing from domestic violence, paints a remarkable picture of resilience, wisdom, inspiration, strength, possibilities, and realities for herself as she takes agency of her life and freedom with her community rooting for her. As part of her becoming and being sober for a year, she has taught inspirational dance classes, led Struggles Synonymous meetings, co-led a nonprofit and other community gatherings, and takes community health and peer support classes, truly inspiring many people around her. She resides in Durham, North Carolina.

Dr. Nicole Schramm-Sapyta

Associate Professor of the Practice

Associate Director

Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

Durham, NC

Nina Fabian Nisperos, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering

Old Dominion University

Norfolk, VA

Weaving Pattern
Weaving Pattern