Green Passions

Adopt a green living & support green passions that support people from the low-income communities

Holly McCoy

Holly cultivates the soul through dance, music, fashion, art, & uplifting connections. She believes that while food, shelter, and other basic needs nourish our physical needs and keep us alive, rhythm, beauty, art, & inspiration nourish our soul and enrich our lives. This sparks a cycle of sustainability in people that spreads to the community and earth.

To Join & Empower Her

David "Newk" Newcomb

David has a naturally helping heart for people struggling in the margins of the community since he's been through and overcame the same plight. He readily spreads information about community resources and gives a warm and heartful support to others. He believes in the importance of community coming together to lift each other up. As we join together, we also thrive together.

To Join & Empower Him