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If you'd like to address the coronavirus crisis through positivity, proactivity, hope, connection, empowerment, sustainability, and resiliency, you've come to the right place!

Through earth & heart wisdom, co-cultivate a resilient and sustainable community ecosystem at the individual, relational, and community levels that nurture green living, green passions, and rooted hearts, especially of people deeply affected by the health crisis.


The "Porta John" Community Blurbs


Ride to Survival Obstructed

Knowing someone who is losing a bulk of his hourly paycheck because public buses in my area have a limited number of passengers allowed per trip due to Covid-19 so he waits for hours to get a ride to work while receiving no sympathy from work makes me feel angry and frustrated.


I love to express myself through dance, modeling, and fashion. I believe that everyone must be free to be who they are, dance freely with nature, and know that beauty is one's nature. My life journey of resilience inspires me to use these gifts to help others overcome their life struggles and bring out their true beautiful nature.

Holly McCoy

Dancer, Model, Fashionista, & Peer Coach

I believe and have lived the possibility of a better life than one can imagine in spite of the struggles, especially with the support of the community.

David "Newk" Newcomb

Skilled Carpenter & Peer Coach

Aspiring Writer & Vlogger


Ways To Co-Cultigive

Adopt a green living & support green passions that support people from the low-income communities

Learn How: