Become a Sustainer

To help ensure the sustainability of our organization, Sustainers help attain the organization's mission by helping fund the operational, personnel and administrative costs of our projects and programs. 

A monthly donation of at least $1 a month will help fund:

  • workshops for the youth and adults for the development of their resilience, ethnic identity, global identity and well-being;

  • safe spaces for intercultural dialogue and restorative practices;

  • mental health welfare checks, education, support and referrals for the public to help prevent and alleviate depression, suicide and other mental health problems;

  • community events to promote social connection and engagement, &

  • research in resilience, mental health, social connection, ethnic and global identity, intercultural understanding and restorative practices to support our evidence-based initiatives.

Sustainers will become part of a community of igniters, receive newsletters, gain exclusive access to events and receive special recognition in newsletters and events. Sustainers also have the option to receive discounted merchandise with the organization's logo to help promote the mission of the organization.

To become a Sustainer, please click the donate button above, enter the desired donation amount and select "make this a monthly donation."

One-time donations are welcome as well. One-time donors are also vital to attaining the mission of the organization. One-time donors will also become part of a community of igniters and receive newsletters. To give one-time donations, please click the donate button above then enter the desired donation amount.

*Donations are tax-deductible.