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What is Your Gift to the Community?

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Donate to: Intangibles Inc., email

Or to a Specific Patreon Account, see list here.

Van or Bus

Lend or Donate new or second-hand van or bus to transport people to work, job interviews, doctor's appointment, program participation, and regular errands.

Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer to drive people to their work, job interviews, doctor's appointment, program participation, and regular errands according to your availability. Scheduling is flexible.

Donate Healthy Food Or Teach A Cooking Class

Donate healthy packaged food or fresh nutritious meals to our events and folks who don't have access to these types of food. Facilitate a cooking class that teaches healthy recipes with a small budget and/or showcase intercultural dishes.

Provide Space for Events and Positive Activities

In the midst of the threat of gentrification, free/affordable space for community-oriented events is difficult to find. Provide spaces that are uplifting and inviting.

Connect with People through Conversations

Your presence can truly be a gift to people. Join our discussions and connect with folks on a personal level.

Become a Mentor

If you have skills to guide, inspire, and empower, consider becoming a mentor either through a buddy and/or apprenticeship program.

Holistic Healthcare

Contribute to making high quality healthcare accessible, efficient, and effective holistically. This includes fitness, nutrition, mental health, physical health, and others.

Share Your Skills, Talents & Passion

If you have any skills, talents & passion that will benefit the community, please come on board! This could include dancing, singing art, accounting, math, public speaking, etc.

Share Information About Community Resources

If you know any resources in the community that will benefit people, please add them to our database.

Adopt a Green Lifestyle While Supporting the Low-Income Community

Through transforming your household into a green living, you will also support people from the low-income community who are using their skills, talents, and passions to provide services and items that promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Support the skills, talents, & passions of People from the Low-Income Community

Come join us in our skills, talents, & passions showcase to see folks in their element. As they give the gifts of their strengths, you can support by gifting in various means.