About Amaya Tala


Rising from the Ashes

Of Burnt Innocence and Dreams

Guided by the Stars

Reckoning the Light Within


Ashes till the soil

Life blossoming

New Awareness, New Dawn

Of Dreams Never Imagined


One’s Ashes

Is another’s

As the night rain pours

All Awaken in Glory


I am Amaya Tala, my chosen and phoenix name. My given and legal name is Nina Magpili-Smith. I am the daughter of Marlo Cirilo Magpili from Calapan, Mindoro, Philippines and Policarpia Maligalig Magpili from Mabitac, Laguna, Philippines. I am of Filipino-blood, born in the land of Saudi Arabia, and grew in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines. I am now residing in Durham, North Carolina, United States, the land of the Lumbee Tribe. I bring with me the seeking for and process of healing and renewal of myself and my community from the colonial trauma of the foreign occupation of Spain, the United States, and Japan of my ancestral land, the Philippines. I offer kapwa (the shared inner self), the core value of my indigenous culture, to everyone. Kapwa means, loosely, that I am You and You are Me. 


In this oneness, I share this journey with my indigenous teacher and mentor, Grandmother Patricia Anne Davis, a Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh indigenous wisdom keeper, as a co-facilitator and trainee of the Love Currency Embassy, a sacred circle ceremony for wellness restoration, envisioned and created by Grandmother Patricia herself. The Love Currency Embassy is a sacred space for anyone who wants to go through the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process that teaches people how to embody indigenous wisdom in their lives and community. This indigenous wisdom is ultimately wisdom and guidance from Mother Earth herself that has been carried by indigenous wisdom keepers for centuries. In this sacred ceremony, the person is the main sacred “instrument” as they look within, empty, and recalibrate themselves to align with Mother Earth and the Universal natural order so they can co-create the world with others from a grounded and genuine place. 


I am a community nurturer who is passionate about addressing the individual, relational, societal, and environmental root aspects of societal change, renewal, humaneness, and conscience, and bringing out the beauty and strength in our nature within that are in rhythm and in harmony with Mother Earth and the Universal natural order. I am a bridge between the modern society and the natural order through facilitating the embodiment and experience of indigenous wisdom. I also facilitate the cultivation of Empathic Coalitions at the Love Currency Embassy that synchronistically merged paths with my previous journey in leading The RootsWell Project in 2020. The RootsWell Project helped people from marginalized communities thrive through the co-creation of a sustainable community ecosystem. Empathic Coalitions comprise linked individuals, groups, and organizations that have gone through the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process and are consciously aligning their thinking, feeling, being, and doing with Mother Earth and the Universal natural order; therefore, blossoming their humaneness within and with others and helping the community genuinely thrive in peace, harmony, and love. In this cultivation, I also discerningly use my additional knowledge from other domains such as my Ph.D. in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, with concentration on team building and systems of systems thinking, and skills as a Certified Life Coach. I also use my natural wisdom and gifts as a child of the Creator, spiritual wisdom-carrier of my ancestral lineage, and student of life, spirit, nature, and fellow humane beings.


I pray to be of service to the renewing journey for each one of you into remembering your sacredness, love, and wholeness that is already you and us. Mabuhay, Kapwa! (Loose translation: Be Alive, You/Me/Us!)  <3