About Amaya Tala

Amaya Tala is Nina Magpili-Smith's phoenix name. She is a community weaver with a Ph.D. in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, concentrating on team building and systems of systems thinking. She considers herself an avid student of life, spirit, nature, and fellow humans who is passionate about addressing individual, relational, societal, and environmental root aspects of societal change, raising humanity’s consciousness, facilitating spiritual evolution, and bringing out the beauty and strength in our nature within that are in rhythm and in harmony with Mother Earth. She started The RootsWell Project, which is helping people from marginalized communities thrive through the co-creation of a sustainable community ecosystem.

Rising from the Ashes

Of Burnt Innocence and Dreams

Guided by the Stars

Reckoning the Light Within


Ashes till the soil

Life blossoming

New Awareness, New Dawn

Of Dreams Never Imagined


One’s Ashes

Is another’s

As the night rain pours

All Awaken in Glory


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