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I help people embody the sacredness of Earth living. Wishing you much aliveness in your life. 

-Amaya Tala

My Sacred Offerings:

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Julian Lauzzana

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Amaya has a gift for facilitation and for going deeper into the processes that bring forth greater understanding of the human experience.  By sharing her gifts, she helps me to more fully illuminated my own gifts.  With Amaya, using a blend of the ancient ways and the modern technology is a seamless experience and I very much honor and appreciate the work we have done together.  As we enter into a truly challenging time for humanity it is luminaries such as Amaya that will be able to light the way to improved interactions within the human family.  Thanks for your friendship and insights Amaya! 

Sponsor A Desired Project:


Re-Rooting through a Filipino Indigenous Elder & Community

Having roots in the Philippines, my journey would unfold to even greater heights when I sit in communion with a Filipino Indigenous Elder and community. My clan roots are connected to the Tagalog community. Tagalog is a merging of two words "taga" and "ilog" which means "from the river."

I grew up in the Philippines, yet I was mostly exposed to Western/Americanized/Hispanized education and media. Although the core and pride of our culture are still intact within many of us, the full knowing and expression of its essence and beauty is still lacking, especially the relationship to our land.


In my journey to encourage global connection and re-rooting of people from various cultural backgrounds, this project will help nourish that movement through my own individual homecoming to my own roots that may inspire collective healing and homecoming around the world and Mother Earth.

If you would like to help make this project possible, you may sponsor me at or Patreon, or email nme at Gratitude for your support!